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u know what annoys me, that one day there will be a whole new generation of people  on tumblr and that is not okay i like this generation of people no one will ever be as cool as us

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The best explanation of Love I have seen in a Disney Film.


The best explanation of Love I have seen in a Disney Film.

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The ultimate photobomb


The ultimate photobomb

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Harry: “’More Than This’ is about a situation where there’s, possibly, your love interest might have feelings for someone else and you’re saying ‘I can love you…better than he can.’” +

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Petition for the tumblr staff to use this gif 


instead of this 


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Anonyme a demandé: help me viv can you pleaz tell me a long list of your favourite brands and shops because i need help!!!?? also anther question, what r sum good outfits for summer/winter and examples? i kno its a lot to ask but i need help thanx!!!!!




  • glassons
  • topshop
  • general pants co
  • forever 21
  • forever new
  • urban outfitters
  • nasty gal
  • american apparel
  • tigerlily
  • zimmermann

summer outfits: 

  • white/black tee with denim shorts
  • a cute dress
  • crop tops with skirts/shorts
  • anything light and flowy

Winter outfits:

  • top, coat and jeans
  • a tshirt, jacket and jeans
  • cardigans and dresses and tights
  • skirt, top, coat, knee high socks
  • scarves and tops

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